The Dark Forest 277dao 第一届“社区轮”比赛公告 S1R1



277Dao 是为玩家提供奖励、NFT、技术支持、攻略分享的华人链游社区,致力于帮助玩家更好的享受游戏、降低门槛、分享游戏经验的组织。为了更好的给玩家提供更多的游戏体验与积累服务经验,我们决定于2022年3月15日-3月20日举办第一届 The Dark Forest 社区轮比赛,这是我们第一次举办这样的活动,希望玩家以一个开放包容的态度来对待我们这次比赛,我们的初心是希望未来给大家带来更多的游戏体验与奖励。

277Dao is an organization that provides players with rewards, NFT, technical support, and strategy sharing, and is committed to players to better enjoy the game, lower the threshold, and share the game experience. In order to better provide players with more game experience and accumulate service experience, we decided to hold the first The Dark Forest Community Competition from March 15 to March 20 , which is the first time we have held such an event, hoping that players will have an open and inclusive attitude to my competition, and our original intention is to bring more game experience and rewards to all of us in the future.

游戏规则 Rules of the game

这场比赛的规则我们决定延续刚刚结束了的上一轮官方The Dark Forest V0.6 round5-Junk War的游戏规则,在3月15-20日比赛期间,通过神器获取,银资源,捕获星球 这三种方式获得积分,我们将根据游戏比赛结束时间的积分排名确认发放奖励。 根据实际需求 游戏速度与游戏地图 我们做出了相应的调整。 社区轮比赛入口将于3月15日 7:00 pm (UTC +8) 微信群 discord群内公布。

The rules of this game We have decided to continue the rules of the game that just ended in the last round of the official Round the Dark Forest V0.6 round 5-Junk War, during the March 15-20 game, through the artifact acquisition, silver resource points, capture planet These three ways to earn points, we will confirm the issuance of rewards according to the point ranking of the end of the game. According to the actual needs of the game speed and game map we have made corresponding adjustments. The community round competition portal will be announced in the Discord group on March 15 at 7PM (UTC/GMT +8).

比赛时间 Match times

游戏开始时间:2022年3月15日 7:00 pm UTC +8

游戏结束时间:2022年3月20日 7:00 pm UTC +8

Game Start Date: 15 Mar 2022 7:00 pm UTC +8

Game End Date: 20 Mar 2022 7:00 pm UTC +8

奖励 prizes

1等奖1名: 1577 xDAI 1st prize: 1577 xDAI

2等奖1名: 777 xDAI 2nd Prize: 777 xDAI

3等奖1名 : 477 xDAI 3rd prize: 477 xDAI

特别奖10名:37 xDAI Special Prize: 10 | 37 xDAI

另外为了鼓励新手玩家的参与,我们特别策划了一次市场空投活动,每天固定时间在市场收购神器 每个报名的玩家我们都提供 5xDAI 作为额外的GAS奖励 (由于时间的关系,第一轮比赛不提供NFT奖励,不过从第二轮开始,我们将额外给NFT奖励与一些特别奖) 奖励的发放最终发放到游戏公钥地址.

In addition, in order to encourage the participation of novice players, we specially planned a market airdrop activity to recycle the artifacts sold by players in the mall at a fixed time every day For each registered player we offer 5xDAI as an additional GAS reward (Due to time constraints, the first world competition does not offer NFT rewards, but from the second round onwards, we will give additional NFT rewards and some special prizes) Rewards are eventually issued to the game’s public key address