黑暗森林 – 277dao & dfdao – ”特殊轮比赛”公告

Dark Forest – 277dao & dfdao – “Special Round Competition” Announcement

本轮将是对新机制的全新尝试和探索,不同于我们之前在 277dao 举办的轮次。
5 月初,dfdao 宣布他们制作了黑暗森林的新合约部署,称为“Arena竞技场”。有了这个,我们就可以在游戏配置中进行更多的实验选择。经过 277dao 和 dfdao 多次协商,我们共同决定,将举办新的“特殊轮比赛”。我们将在这次特殊回合比赛中使用新的规则——我们希望它能够增加游戏的娱乐性和竞争力。黑暗森林– 277dao & dfdao – 5 月 28 日至 5 月 29 日的“特别回合比赛”。

To all Dark Forest players! A new round is about to be hosted! This round will be a brand-new attempt and exploration of new mechanics, different from the rounds we here at 277dao have previously hosted. In early May, dfdao announced that they had produced a new contract deployment of Dark Forest, known as “Arena”. With this, we are brought more choices to experiment within the game configuration. After several consultations between 277dao and dfdao, we have jointly decided, a new “Special Round Competition” will be held. We will use new rules for this special round competition – we hope it will increase the entertainment and competitiveness of the game. Dark Forest – 277dao & dfdao – “Special Round Competition” from May 28 to May 29.

1 -游戏规则 Game Rules

The reward of this round of competition will not be based on points as the criteria.
相反,当举办方创建地图时,将在地图中心区域附近创建九个“奖励星球”(一个 9 级行星在中心点上,八个 8 级行星均匀分布在中心点周围)。在这一轮中,单个玩家或团队可以自由地占领这些行星中的任何一个。在回合结束时,只有每个星球的最终拥有者将获得奖励。
Instead, when the hosts create the map, nine “Reward Planets” will be created near the center area of the map (oneLevel-9 planet at the exact center point, with eight Level-8 planets evenly distributed around the central point). During the round, individual players or teams can seize any of these planets freely. At the end of the round, only the final owner of each planet will be rewarded.
Please note: The same player’s public key can’t occupy multiple “Reward Planets”, however, if the same player’s public key occupies multiple, the reward is only distributed for only one of the held “Reward Planets”.
If a reward planet is destroyed by a player, the reward for that planet will be lost (you cannot secure a planet for yourself by using a “Black Domain” artifact).
“Titan”, “Mothership”, “Whale” & “Crescent” spaceships are banned in this round, only “Gear” will be included (the spaceship used to find artifacts).
Gifting planets between players has been disabled.
无法收集积分(之前所有的评分机制都设置为 0)。
Points cannot be collected (all previous scoring mechanisms are set to 0).

2 -比赛时间 Competition Time

开始时间:2022年5月28日12:00(UTC/GMT +8)
本轮比赛总共将持续 36 小时。
Start: May 28, 2022 12:00 (UTC/GMT +8)
End: May 29, 2022 24:00 (UTC/GMT +8)
The round will last 36 hours in total.
The entry to the community round competition is through the official website of 277dao:

3 -报名方法 Registration Method

报名,所有玩家都必须到我们的277dao Discord“特殊轮报名频道”(277dao & dfdao),输入您的公钥地址完成报名。
To register, all players must go to our 277dao Discord “Special Round Registration Channel” (277dao & dfdao), where you must enter your public key address to complete the registration.
Players are allowed to register multiple addresses.
Our discord channel can be accessed through:
The registration deadline for this competition is 24:00 on May 29, 2022 (the end of the round).

4 -奖励 Reward

Reward 1:
游戏结束时,占据中心 9 级“奖励星球”的玩家将获得 277 xDai 作为奖励。
At the end of the game, the player who occupies the central Level-9 “Reward Planet” will receive 277 xDai as their reward.
游戏结束时,占据任意8级“奖励星球”的玩家将获得 127 xDai作为奖励。
At the end of the game, players who occupy any level 8 “Reward Planet” will receive 127 xDai as their reward.
However, a player address may only claim the reward of one planet – even if that address holds multiple “Reward Planets”.
Reward 2:
All players who sign up and participate in the competition will receive POAP reward.