第3届“社区轮”比赛刚刚结束,很多新玩家才熟悉游戏,还意犹未尽。我们考虑到5.1劳动节是一个难得的假期,又想让大家在节日中有时间好好休息,又希望大家能通过游戏之余还能收获一些奖励,所以我们想做一届不同以往的特殊轮比赛。参赛规则及奖励我们会在这一轮中做一些调整,所以我们决定在4月30日-5月5日期间举办“The Dark Forest 277dao 5.1特殊轮比赛”。

The 3rd “Community Round” competition has just ended, many new players are just familiar with the game, which is not enough. We consider that May 1st Labor Day is a rare holiday, and we want everyone to have time to rest during the festival, we also hope that you can gain some rewards through the game, so we want to do a special round competition that is different from the past. Participation rules and rewards we will make some adjustments in this round, therefore, we decided to hold the “The Dark Forest 277dao Mayday Round Competition” from April 30th to May 5th.

l 游戏规则 Game rules

本轮比赛我们基本延用官方轮The Dark Forest V0.6 round5-Junk War的游戏规则,在4月30日-5月5日比赛期间,通过神器获取、银资源积分、捕获星球,这三种方式获得积分,我们将根据比赛结束时的积分排名发放奖励。为了游戏的公平性,我们决定强制限定一些游戏规则,目的是营造一个绝大多数玩家认可的游戏环境。

In this round of competition, we basically continue to use the game rules of the official round The Dark Forest V0.6 round5-Junk War, during the competition from April 30th to May 5th, through artifact acquisition, extract silver points, invade planet these three ways to get points, we will issue rewards according to the ranking of points at the end of the game. For the fairness of the game, we decided to mandatory limit some rules of the game, the goal is to create a game environment that is recognized by the vast majority of players.


The details are as follows:

本次比赛禁止掉了所有飞船,只保留了GEAR (红色,挖神器)飞船。

All spaceships are banned in this competition, only GEAR remains (red, find artifact) spaceship.


This competition will prohibit the planet gift function.


The game organizer reserves the right of final interpretation and judgment, the original intention of the organizer is to bring each player a fair game environment.


The game speed and map of this round, we will make corresponding adjustments according to the actual needs.


The entrance to the community round competition is the open entrance of the 277dao official website:

2 比赛时间 Competition time

开始:2022年4月30日 7:00 pm (UTC/GMT +8)

结束:2022年5月5日 9:00 pm (UTC/GMT +8)

Start: 7pm (UTC/GMT +8) 30th April 2022

End: 9pm (UTC/GMT +8) 5th May 2022

3 奖励 Reward

奖励 1

Reward 1

在比赛截止时间,即2022年5月5日 9:00 PM (UTC+8) 所有获得分数超过27,777,777的玩家平分总奖金1000XDAI的奖励。

At the game deadline, I.e. 9pm (UTC/GMT +8) 5th May 2022 all players with a score of more than 27,777,777 will share the total bonus 1000XDAI equally.


Reward 2

在比赛截止时间,即2022年5月5日 9:00 PM (UTC+8) 所有获得分数超过2,777,777的玩家,每个地址给与一个POAP勋章奖励。

At the game deadline, I.e. 9pm (UTC/GMT +8) 5th May 2022 all players who have scored more than 2,777,777, each address is rewarded with a POAP medal.

4 报名方式 Registration method


Very important

本次比赛的报名方式有很大变化,所有玩家只需要去我们277DAO 的DISCORD “5.1”轮专用报名频道,输入你的公钥地址就可完成报名

The registration method for this competition has changed a lot, all players only need to go to our 277DAO’s DISCORD “MAYDay round” dedicated registration channel, enter your public key address to complete the registration.

由于本次比赛没有GAS鼓励奖励,报名截至日期可以一直报名到比赛结束时间。即2022年5月5日 9:00 PM (UTC+8)前 。

Since there is no GAS incentive reward for this competition, the registration deadline can be kept until the end of the competition. 

That is, before 9pm (UTC/GMT +8) 5th May 2022.