The second community round has ended, we experienced unprecedented setbacks during the game, in the end, with the joint efforts of everyone, it was solved one by one, of course, we also learned a lot from the experience of this competition, at the same time, we also met many friends and got help because of these difficulties, as the community grows, we are valued by the DF official team, at the same time, we also got more help and support, here we are very grateful. With the experience of holding community round competitions increases, we will gradually improve the competition rules and make adjustments. We hope that the new and old players in the community can experience more fun in the game.

我们决定于4月20日-4月25日期间举办The Dark Forest 277dao第届 “社区轮”比赛。

We decided to hold The Dark Forest 277dao’s third “Community Round” competition from April 20th to April 25th.

l  游戏规则 Game rules

本轮比赛我们基本延官方轮The Dark Forest V0.6 round5-Junk War的游戏规则,在4月20日-4月25比赛期间,通过神器获取、银资源积分、捕获星球,这三种方式获得积分,我们将根据比赛结束时的积分排名发放奖励。为了平衡游戏的公平性,我们决定强制限定一些游戏规则,目的是营造一个绝大多数玩家认可的游戏环境。具体如下:

本次比赛禁止掉了所有飞船,只保留了GEAR (红色,挖神器)飞船。


In this round of competition, we basically continue to use the game rules of the official round The Dark Forest V0.6 round5-Junk War, during the competition from April 20th to April 25th, through artifact acquisition, extract silver points, invade planet these three ways to get points, we will issue rewards according to the ranking of points at the end of the game. In order to balance the fairness of the game, we decided to mandatory limit some rules of the game, the goal is to create a game environment that is recognized by the vast majority of players. The details are as follows:

All spaceships are banned in this competition, only GEAR remains (red, find artifact) spaceship.

This competition will prohibit the planet gift function.


The game organizer reserves the right of final interpretation and judgment, the original intention of the organizer is to bring each player a fair game environment.


The game speed and map of this round, we will make corresponding adjustments according to the actual needs.


The entrance to the community round competition is the open entrance of the 277dao official website:

开放时间:4月20日 7:00 pm (UTC/GMT +8)

Opening hours: April 20th 7:00 pm (UTC/GMT +8)

2  比赛时间 Competition time

游戏开始时间:2022年4月20日 7:00 pm (UTC/GMT +8)

Game start time: April 20th, 2022 7:00 pm (UTC/GMT +8)

游戏结束时间:2022年4月25日 9:00 pm (UTC/GMT +8)

Game end time: April 25th, 2022 9:00 pm (UTC/GMT +8)

3 奖励 Reward



第1名:1577 XDAI

第2名:777 XDAI

第3名:477 XDAI

特别奖:第4名——第17名 27 XDAI/人

Ranking XDAI Rewards

1st place: 1577 XDAI

2nd place: 777 XDAI

3rd place: 477 XDAI

Special award: 4th – 17th place: 27 XDAI per person

3-2 排名NFT 奖励

第1名   5等级NFT 1枚

第2、3名   4等级NFT 1枚

第4——第8名   3等级NFT 1枚

第9名——第17名   2等级NFT 1枚

第18名——第27名        1等级NFT 1枚

Ranking NFT rewards

1st place: LEVEL 5 NFT 1 piece

2nd and 3rd place: LEVEL 4  NFT 1 piece

4th – 8th place: LEVEL 3 NFT 1 piece

9th – 17th place: LEVEL 2 NFT 1 piece

18th – 27th place: LEVEL 1 NFT 1 piece

3-3 POAP 参与勋章奖

POAP participation Medal Award


All players who participate in the game and get points in the game, each address will be rewarded with a POAP medal (standard: no less than 1 million points at the end of the game)

3-4 每活动XDAI奖励

Daily activity XDAI reward


In the five days of the competition, there will be a community activity award on the 1st, 3rd and 5th competition days respectively, at that time, we will release the activities of the day through our official Twitter and WeChat groups.

3-5 参与游戏奖励

5, Reward for participating in the game


We provide 2XDAI as an additional start-up GAS reward for every registered player, the reward is distributed to each player’s game public key address.

4 报名方式 Registration method


Dao277-057联系群内小助手 “277dao小助手”报名即可。(只发送公钥,无需等待回复)

Non-Chinese players please add DISCORD to sign up

Non Chinese players send the public key to the registration channel and send the screenshot and public key to the  mailbox for verification.

报名结束时间:2022年4月20日 下午3:00 pm (UTC/GMT +8)

Sign up end time: April 20th, 2022 3:00 pm (UTC/GMT +8)