The Dark Forest277dao第二届“社区轮”比赛获奖名单 S1R2 Winer List




Our second 277dao “Community Round” activity has ended perfectly, we know that many family members still have some unfulfilled thoughts, the competition was fierce until the last hour before the end of the game, we feel everyone’s enthusiasm for this competition, we hope you will make persistent efforts and get better results in the next round of competition.

The following are the winners of this round of competitions:






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All the above Xdai rewards have been distributed.

If you have any questions about the above rewards, please contact the “277dao little assistant” in the group. And we will solve it and reply as soon as we see it.

In addition, NFT rewards are still in production. We’ll let you know when you can get it.

POAP rewards are being counted and applied for, it will be open for pickup after completion.

Finally, thank you for your participation and support in our second 277dao “community round” activity.

Our next competition is in intensive preparations, it will meet you soon. Looking forward to your joining, explore the unknown universe with us in the dark forest, defeat all possible obstacles, to win the final victory.

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