相信大部分玩家都已经领取到了 第一届社区轮的“POAP徽章”。关于POAP,我们 277DAO 团队在此想做一些说明和对未来的一些想法,我们希望更多的玩家参与社区活动并享受游戏,我们会给更多的玩家争取奖励和福利。随着社区的发展壮大,我们每一轮比赛都会有专属POAP徽章,只要每届比赛中获得10万以上的积分,都会获得POAP奖励。
The interpretation of “POAP badge”
It is believed that most players have received the “POAP badge” of the first community round. About POAP, our 277DAO team would like to make some explanations and thoughts on the future, we hope that more players will participate in community activities and enjoy the game, we will strive for rewards and benefits for more players. As the community grows, we have it’s own POAP badge for every round of competition, as long as you get more than 100000 points in each competition, will be awarded a POAP reward.
POAP plays an important role in the future community, we will surprise players according to the number of POAP they hold. In addition, the core player group will be established if the community develops for a period of time, only players with a certain number of POAP can join, we will accurately deliver rewards to each player in the core player group.
Finally, our team hopes that all players will achieve good results in the new round of competition, win the rewards.
We will strive to develop the community and bring more surprises to players.

277DAO team