The Dark Forest277dao第一届“社区轮”比赛获奖名单 S1R1 Winer List






Hello everyone!

Our first 277dao “Community Round” competition has quietly ended.

What we have done in the process may not be perfect, but we have confident that to serve every single player better in the future games.

We are committed to building a familiar 277dao super community.

Below, let’s announce the list of winners and awards for this event.


harryhare”和“SnowTiger”, 我们新增两个“特别贡献奖”每人颁发100xdai。也希望在日后的比赛中,有更多的朋友参与进来。对以上奖励有任何疑问,请联系群内“277dao小助手”看到后我们会第一时间解决并回复。

The above ranking and the list of winners were taken from 19:00 on March 20th, the platform records the whole point at the end of the game. “

harryhare” and “SnowTiger”, who helped us technically in this competition, we have added two “Special contribution Awards” and each of them awarded 100xdai. We also hope that more friends will participate in the competition in the future.If you have any questions about the above rewards, please contact the “277dao little assistant” in the group. And we will solve it and reply as soon as possible.




我们通过游戏中的神器市场,收购信息为Rarity: common  Type: Any Type(普通神器,所有),以价格1.77xdai/个的价格收购127个,开始于19点整,活动只用了短短9分钟就被大家的勤劳所填满。




当天的空投是截止于19点整,排行榜前37的玩家每人空投7 XDAI。


排名尾数“占七”(第  7 ,17,27 ,37,47名 )每人发放 27XDAI奖励。“二倍七” 排名7的倍数 (第14 ,21,28 ,35, 42 ,49名),每人发放17XDAI奖励。



ummary of this round of daily airdrop welfare activities:

In this round of competition, our community specially launched the daily airdrop welfare.

Mar-16 (industrious little bee)

Through the artifact market in the game, the acquisition information is Rarity: common Type: Any Type (ordinary artifact, all), purchase 127 at the price of 1.77xdai per piece, starting at 19:00 sharp, the activity took only 9 minutes and was filled with everyone’s diligence.

Mar-17 (the way to advance)

Through the artifact market in the game, the acquisition information is rarity: rare type: any type (rare artifact, all), purchase 10 at the price of 27xdai per piece, starting at 19:00 sharp, it’s over in just 1 minute and 40 seconds, everyone is really very active.

Mar-18 (capricious)

The airdrop on that day ended at 19:00 sharp, the top 37 players each dropped 7 XDAI.

Mar-19 (every 7)

The ranking mantissa “has 7” (No. 7, 17, 27, 37, 47th) each person will be awarded 27XDAI award. “Two times seven” ranks the multiple of 7 (No. 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49th), each person will be awarded 17XDAI reward.

Mar-20 (7-happiness)

All players ranking 1-50 will be counted to 100 million from the end of points. Eight 7 awards 27xdai, seven 7 awards 17xdai, six 7 awards 10xdai (e.g. 1777777, 37777777, 677777777)





Finally, thank you for your participation and support in our first 277dao “community round”, we hereby give “Special Contribution Award” to “harryhare” and “SnowTiger” who were technically helpful to us, reward for 100xdai per person.

The next competition is tentatively scheduled for early April, the rewards will be more generous, the daily airdrop activity will be more exciting.

For more information, please follow our twitter, discord and WeChat groups, learn more about welfare and its activities! We look forward to your participation.